Writing novels has become a large part of my life. I would assume I'll be working on something until the day I can no longer continue to create characters.  For more information about my stories, please visit my author website at:

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Why I do what I do

A few years back when the real estate market took a dive, a friend bet me that I couldn't write a best selling novel. I had no idea about the extensive  learning curve in publishing and writing.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I began writing, A Beautiful Song. Writing came easy to me. Writing well became more of a challenge. My writing style has changed over the years. I write more dialogue now than in my first few novels. Some readers believe my first book is my best. I'm proud of it, but I'd like to think that each novel at least as far as the writing goes, shows improvement. I guess some readers wouldn't notice the improvements and I should stop making admissions that I assume most authors would never admit, but I like to be upfront.

I'm very grateful for each person, who takes the time to read one of my stories. I never take you for granted. I am truly humbled by each of you. It's maybe why I've confessed to some of the back story to my writing.

My initial goal was to finish one novel and have it published. One became ten, now my goal is to write a NY Times or USA Today best seller. I've already been on the front page of Amazon with, A Beautiful Song and Presidential Shadows, which technically makes me a best selling author in the publishing world. However, my goals are much higher.

I hope you will explore my stories and join me on my journey. For more information about my novels, please visit my author page at:



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