Dylan James and the Overture

Song to Justice

Dylan James became the first character and Townsend Seeger was the last to join the others. Dylan is a media hog, who tends to show up in my other novels. He plays a big role in Three Long Days as well as in the soul series. He is mentioned in the Presidential series and is a concert headliner in True Justice. Many of my characters find their way into multiple stories.

Alex and his magical book

The Presidential Series

Alex Schuler was your typical shy 10 year old, until his grandfather gave him a special book. When Alex reads from the yellow stained pages, past Presidents come alive and tell Alex about their past lives.

The one problem is that the Presidents only know what they knew when they were alive. Try explaining to Andrew Jackson that the Yankees are a baseball team and explain what a television is to George Washington.

The Soul Series

Caeles Novo

Caeles Novo has been given a directive to remove any dark soul inside humans. He later discovered that was only half of his mission and battles the Council in search of the true meaning of their existence.